Cleaning our Oceans while Investing in an early gem — Introducing Sqrtle ($SQRT)

DISCLAIMER: We are in no way affiliated with Nintendo’s Pokemon of a similar-sounding name. We are SQRTle and our visual identity also insists on staying clear of any copyright infringement. Any resemblance to other characters, brand or events is purely coincidental. We also are not affiliated under any circumstances to the BEP-20 coin of the same name, as well as no other tokens who claim to be related to us.

Let’s talk about climate change: our Planet’s health comes back to our Ocean’s health and its Sea life. They need our help as much as we need theirs. With that strong drive in mind, we decided to start Sqrtle to get the attention of a whole new generation of influencers and make a difference.

It was essential to act fast, especially in the crypto sphere — where a day seems like a month because of everything happening so quickly.

We launched $SQRT, a standard ERC-20 token with a max supply of 50,000,000,000 SQRT that is 100% community-driven, with no presale and a locked liquidity at 99.9% for one year.

24 hours following launch, we had over 60 $SQRT token holders for a $20k marketcap. With now almost 200 holders, $SQRT sits on a marketcap of $1.06M (at the time of writing): that is a 5000% increase in 5 days.

Within 4 days, our Telegram follower community grew from just 100 members to 1500 people and counting. With fundraisers for the conservancy of the Ocean on the horizon, plans for teaming up with Sea-focused organizations that aim to make a major impact, and a bunch of SQRTLE supporters can help our ocean life- and ours too!

Serious plans for a Serious project.

Sqrtle has big ambitions, that is the reason why so much has been done in so few time. We don’t plan on staying a “memecoin” for long.

Not a lot of ERC-20 tokens provide this level of comittment to create a safe project in which to invest.

The team has worked countless hours, sleepless nights to push the following achievements:

  • Getting audited by Techrate, demonstrating that our code is 100% safe from malicious exits or minting functions.
  • Getting listed on Blockfolio and CoinMarketCap with CoinGecko still in progress.
  • Several marketing campaigns and partnerships to raise awareness.

Below is our roadmap of development, to fully disclose our next big milestones:

  • Heavy marketing with crypto influencers
  • Partnership with SeaShepherd and more to help in cleaning our Oceans
  • NFTs, with 80% of the sales going to charity
  • Possible bridge with Binance Smart Chain or Cardano’s Blockchain, to facilitate the adoption from new buyers by reducing fees but also reduce the carbon footprint by x10000 (no caps).
  • Staking platform incentive for our holders.
  • Whitebit trading exchange, to just quote a few
  • Platform to sponsor a turtle using $SQRT and many more.

We are more than happy to welcome you on board this beautiful project. Please find the link belows for more information as well as our Telegram to get in touch!





Locked Liquidity




Join us early! Grab some Sqrtle, Save a Turtle!

Standard, liquidity locked contract with low cap and only under 200 holders. Welcoming community with a purpose to cleaning our Oceans!

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